A hideaway in the heart of Philadelphia, Vesper is a modern-day supper club with an Old World feel. We invite diners into an era when meals are events to look forward to and luxuriate over: appreciating the complexity of a cocktail, every fresh ingredient, and your companion’s conversation.

With its shadowy past of mob deals, bathtub gin, and general debauchery, Vesper was re-invented in 2015 by owners Brendan Smith, Chuck Ercole, and John Barry. The restaurant is a relaxing, removed oasis for an entire evening’s worth of entertainment.

During Vesper Club’s mid-century incarnation, prohibition lured out a mischievous side in every person, however there were also stringent rules of etiquette to abide by in polite society. Etiquette guides offered advice such as “do not shake a lady’s hand first, let her do it.”

While we’re not so stuffy or particular nowadays, we pride ourselves on offering a refined environment for enjoying a cocktail after work, a client lunch, or date night. We advise ‘smart casual’ dress and appreciate your leaving flip flops and baseball hats for more desultory environments.

At Vesper, you may come for Happy Hour and wind up dancing to our live music until last call. We recommend making meal reservations and allowing yourself to open up to an evening of possibilities.