Vesper's NYE 2017 Celebration

Indulgence – New Year’s Eve at Vesper


364 days out of the year are spent in the routine. Wake up, grab coffee, work hard, head home, sleep (maybe), and repeat. You’re on auto-pilot. Lost in the mundane of don’t do this, don’t eat that, be an upstanding citizen, be a role model, be right. But one night a year, right doesn’t feel so right. On that 365th day it’s time to let loose and ring in the New Year uninhibited. It’s time to indulge, to do as you wish without the watchful eyes of others, to be who you are with no cares, to transcend your doubts and just be.

This New Year’s Eve submit to your desires. You are cordially invited to Vesper’s Indulgence. Enter Vesper and leave your inhibitions at the door. Say farewell to 2016 and hello to new possibilities. Choose from general admission with passed hors d’oeuvres to an elegant 3 course meal. Let your hair down, undo your top button, and ring in the 2017 year at Vesper.

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